Livewire’s main studio is 23' long by 13' wide, with a separate 9' x 7' drum booth plus 2' isolation booths. One is 3 ˝ ‘x 7' and the other 5' x 4' The main room can be baffled further into 2 well isolated sections. The Control room is 17'x 17'

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Make              Model
Steinway          7' Grand Piano
Hammond        C3
Leslie               Model 147
Lowrey            Jamboree Organ
Wurlitzer          El. Piano model 200
Harmonium       Foot pump style
Fender Rhodes Mark 1A
Clavinet            Hohner D6
Kurzweil           K2500 88 key weighted
Roland JD-800
Yamaha            DX-7 II FD
Roland S-770 sampler
Nord                Lead 2
Akai                 S950

ProTools 8.0 192 HD 3
Running on Mac G5 Dual 2.7
Logic 9


Make              Model
Alesis               ADAT XT20 (3)
Tascam            DA-30 - DAT (2)

Make              Model
Trident Series70 Console
 (28 input/52 return/16 Buss)
Yamaha            NS-10M (pair)
ElectroVoice    Sentry 100A (pair)
Hafler               500 (power amp)
Fender Twin Reverb


Make              Model

Amek               9098 mic pre+eq
Avalon 737 Mic pre,EQ and Comp.
Eventide           H3000
Presonus          Digimax (8 ch.)
DBX                160 Compressor (2)
DBX                162 Stereo Compressor
DBX                166 Stereo Compressor
Drawmer          DS-201 Dual Gate
Kepex              Gate
Lexicon            Prime Time II Delay
Roland SRV 3030
T.C. Electr.      M-One
Yamaha            REV 7 (2)
Yamaha            SPX-900 (2)
Korg                DRV3000 MultiEffects
Urei                  Stereo Parametric EQ


Make              Model
Neuman           U-87 (3)
AKG                C414EB (4)
AKG                C451E (3)
AKG                C452EB (3)
AKG                C460B
Octava                (6)
Sennheiser        MD441
Sennheiser        MD421 (4)
Shure               SM57 (5)
Crown CM 10
Countryman      Direct Box (4)
Shure               Beta 87


Furman HRM-16 (7)

(8 Channel individual headphone cues)